Our Story

We are Hydra Kyll, a five piece metal act out of the D.C. metropolitan area. Having crafted a style from many different musical influences, our music has been described in many fashions, 
“Hydra Kyll pleasantly combines crafty technicality, blood-curdling vocals, and tasteful melodies and hooks..." 
- Supercharger Radio WNHU
          "They combine the best aspects of deathcore and metalcore to create one massive sound that's not only incredibly heavy, but actually has riffs in it. That's pretty rare for most  'core' bands nowadays, who simply rely on breakdowns and lame chugs throughout the entirety of thier songs. This band doesn't settle for the lowest possible bar, and instead try to elevate it."  
-SS of Heavy Blog Is Heavy

Over the years we have been lucky enough to meet many people and create some fantastic relationships. Because of this we have shared the stage with many amazing acts like, Born of Osiris, August Burns Red, Decapitated, The Faceless, and many more. Hoping to go far with our music, we continue to work hard and are determined to make an impact on the music world. Most importantly, however, we continue on our quest to make great music, great fans and even better friends.
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